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Public Scales locations near Long Beach, Torrance & Gardena

Looking for a public scale weigh station near Long Beach, Torrance, Gardena or Hawthorne? Many local public scales offer services for 18-wheelers only due to the nature of their business operations. Additionally, it’s important to select a scale station what offers the correct type of unladen weight slip with the correct language. In some cases one many need a public scales weightmaster for Dept of Motor Vehicle registration purposes or Mility DITY programs, there are a few smaller public scales station that accommodate these type of requests.

Truck Weigh Station Public Scales California

I was looking for a truck weigh station in San Diego since the DMV asked me to get a weight certificate before I could register my commercial out of state pickup truck. After about an hour’s worth of searching and a few dozen phone calls, I wouldn’t find any weight stations in the area which offered the right type of certificate which the DMV would actually accept, may recycling centers and junk yards claimed their weigh slips would work but after doing some research, I found out that I would have been waiting my time.

Here is the nearest DMV certified public weigh station that I was able to locate; it’s located in Los Angeles, not too far from Orange County. They are open from 9Am till 4PM, Monday thru Saturday, and the wait times were minimal. (Like 5 min or so). I’ve posted that public scales address her on this page:  Good Luck

Certified Scales
5244 W. Jefferson
Los Angeles CA, 90016
(310) 432-3980 / (310) 862-8923
Mon. through Sat 9am-4pm No Appointment Needed


Google Maps Link:


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4 reviews on Truck Weigh Station Public Scales California

  • Easy to find location Michelle2020

    Man, i looked everywhere in Orange County for a public scales station but none were certified by the DMV, I stopped up here on Saturday, This station was quick and easy. Thanks for getting this one. I needed a weight certificate for my Commercial truck‎. Thanks

  • They are legitimate. S. Thompson

    Yeah a lot of weigh stations aren’t, you have to be pretty careful. These guys really are good, my dad & I use them for our business all the time.

  • I always use this place Ron Watterson

    I’ve used this place for a while as well & have always liked them. Good service & have never had any problems.

  • Spent the whole day at the DMV ! Speedrace297

    Spend the whole day at the DMV dealing with this, needed a weight certificate for who the heck knows why! Find a Scale station in 90016. Good Service. thank you.


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